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(2 of 9) Effortless Motion - High Performance Teaching Series by IMG Aca...

Another nice movement and hitting drill.


FOUNDATION (Fitness, Stretching, and Footwork) (CLICK ON EACH CATEGORY TO WATCH VIDEOS ON INSTRUCTION) This is a re-posting from 12/11/2010.

Basic stretches

Footwork warm up

Tube exercise

Side to side movement,use racquet

Footwork, without using the elastic band.

FORM (Basic Grips, Strokes, and Progressions)

Basic grip explanation and it's application.

Basic forehand and progressions, in the beginning more time will be spent at the service lines, so more control and timing is developed, and the progressions will evolve like it did in the video.

Basic backhand and progressions, same as above.

Two handed backhand technique.

Forehand volley and it's function.

Backhand volley and it's function.

FUNCTION (Applying the basic footwork, grips, strokes, spins and strategy)

Topspin forehand technique

Topspin backhand two handed and one handed.

Slice backhand.

Serve technique, after progressions

Spanish practice patterns all court play

Another good footwork and positioning drill.

Tennis Coaching "Super Coaching"

Teaching the student to be their own teacher/coach..............

Emira Service Box Warm-up

Here's another good video of Emira Stafford. This is a good drill for a warm up, notice how her feet are always moving to get herself into the proper position to hit the ball.

Tennis baseline game "filthy feeds" 11/29/09

Hi Euclid, I don't know if you do this drill already, but this one is a great one to evolve to from feeding and rallying balls. You are already ding a GREAT job with your young ladies!